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(An OC Bio)

*Birth Name: Klyde
Type: Unicorn/Earth Pony cross
Age: 52
Sex: Stallion
Eyes: Green
Coat: Palomino
Mane & Tail: Black
Hooves: Black
Cutiemark: An image of a black anvil that is superimposed by a silver horseshoe.
Current Status: Bachelor/Retired
*Before Cutiemark.

Born of a Unicorn Mare, and an Earth Pony Stallion, Ironhoof was unique, in that he had the build and strength of an Earth Pony, yet having the horn, and minimal abilities of a Unicorn.

Grew up in the countryside, outside of Stalliongrad, where his Father worked as a Blacksmith, and his Mother was a Nurse at the local Health Clinic. But, like his Father, Ironhoof learned his trade from an early age. By his fifth birthday, his Father was busy teaching the young Klyde the fine art of Blacksmithing, while his Mother was busy treating cuts, scrapes and burns that were common around a forge. But besides the accidental mishap, Klyde earned his Cutiemark one afternoon when he discovered the joy of melding different forms of metal together, and making alloys for new creations.

However, like most youth, wanderlust made him head out on his own, and before he knew it at the age of fourteen, standing before a Royal Guard Recruiting Office. After thirteen weeks of training, starting with physical training, logistics, and protocol, Klyde, now known as Ironhoof, worked hard thru the ranks of the Royal Guard (RG) where he specialized in one-on-one hoof-to-hoof combat, and even tried out for a few special operations, but was turned down. This didn’t stop him. When he finally became a Sergeant, he was given an operation of his own to lead. He knew it was a test of his abilities to see if he could become not only a team member for future missions, but a tool for the RG. This was due to his innate knowledge of metals, weaponry, and now tactics. All of which he found fascinating, and honed his skills on at any time he had the chance. All of which he was watched, and analyzed by his superiors.

It was a while after his first mission, and a few more since, till his last mission where he and his team were compromised, and he was captured. The details of the mission remain a state secret, but it was made clear that a group of rouge Griffons were behind the sneak attack. Ironhoof was saved by one of the rouge Griffons, who later reported that he was tired of the ill treatment he was getting from the other Griffons. Ironhoof sustained numerous wounds, many required stitches from weeks of torture. However, there was nothing that could done for the damage done to his horn. According to Ironhoof, the leader of the Griffons didn’t want him to try any escape attempts, and heard an argument as he came to from being knocked out earlier when he was captured. And, since they professed that they did not have a magic control ring for Ironhoof’s horn, the leader of his attackers simply reached out and snapped his horn in half, basically putting an end to what little magic Ironhoof had.

After he was retired from his position with special-ops, he was then taken aside by the Captain of the Royal Guard, and Commander of Operations who ran things within the barracks and informed Ironhoof of the observations and other information they had received. It during this meeting that Ironhoof was given the promotion to the rank of Master Sergeant, and given the position of Sergeant-At-Arms, which made Ironhoof the Stallion in charge of the guard’s weapons, armory, and the research and development of new weaponry.

As time passed, Ironhoof was chief developer of several key defensive implements, and several new offensive ones as well. All with the aid of his hoof picked team that consisted of other Blacksmiths, a couple of Unicorns who enhanced many developments with magical empowerments, and one new member… a Griffon. After spending nearly ten years for the crimes he took part in while working with his team of rouge Griffons, but released early for aiding in the escape of M.Sgt. Ironhoof.

Years passed, and work in the Royal Forge, and his classified development forge he nicknamed, “The Skunkworks” where his team and himself created new, stronger alloys and equipment, Ironhoof finally decided to retire. However, some may say his retirement truly went off with a bang.

During his last full day in his lab, his team was working on a new ceramic procedure that added a special coating to a finished edged weapon, making it nearly dull proof. However, something went wrong. Pressure within the kiln increased at an alarming rate, and before anypony could reach the pressure release valve, it exploded. The lab was destroyed, two members of Ironhoof’s team were killed, and a structural building beam fell, crushing Ironhoof’s right fore hoof.

After the cleanup, funerals, and hospital stays were done, reconstruction was done to the facility, and Ironhoof was fitted with a prosthetic hoof to replace the crushed one he suffered in the accident. This new hoof, he figured, was a fitting tribute to his work, and remembrance of those he lost. And as such, this prosthetic hoof was made of stainless steel, giving him a somewhat visual behind his name… Ironhoof.…


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